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Seek Vendors that Help to Simplify Processes, Create Efficiencies

Steve Messer
Sep 11, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Small- and medium-sized businesses are seeking help from vendors to simplify processes in an age of doing more with less. After all, business solutions should help HR managers and executives streamline their tasks and make their days run more smoothly.

The frustrations of cumbersome processes are again on the minds of benefit professionals during open enrollment periods. These processes, whether used in vendor implementations or ongoing operations, take unnecessary time, often create errors, and drain an organization’s resources that can better be used elsewhere.

How Bend Makes a Difference

That’s why Bend HSA and its state-of-the-art health savings account can make such a difference for employers’ HR. teams. Bend is driven to make a difference in how people manage their financial health. That’s why we relentlessly look for new ways to make HSAs better with innovative, intuitive and elegant solutions that simplify the user experience, organize information and guide participants on how to best use their HSA. By doing this, we help employers get—and stay—ahead of the curve.

Our HSA offering is guided by three core principles that drive efficiency for our clients and their employees:


We make health savings accounts easy to use and understand, which will maximize tax benefits for employers and individuals. One of the great ways we have simplified our HSA solution is by eliminating most paper from our processes. This has created time savings and cost savings.

On the employer side, implementation of Bend HSA is simple, completely online and takes on average only 30-45 minutes from start to finish.

On the employee side, enrollment is equally as simple and completely online, eliminating any need to chase paper forms. With Bend HSA account, employee enrollment isn’t just electronic—it’s automated. All you need to do is upload your employee information into the Bend HSA system. From there, we automatically send your employees emails with links to enroll.

These efficiencies save you time and money and lead the path to the next advantage of going paperless—administrative relief, plus ease of use and overall sustainability.

With Bend HSA’s unique automation process, we’re able to monitor your employees’ enrollments and provide customized messaging to nudge your employees along the process, utilizing positive reinforcement and easy-to-follow instructions. Along with saving you time and money, your HR team gets a huge assist with an otherwise burdensome administration process. That means no more HR staff time manually uploading information, chasing paper forms, printing more paper forms and other materials, dealing with physical enrollment packets and more. And by reducing the chance of errors and omissions commonly found on paper forms, Bend’s paperless enrollment process frees up your HR staff’s time while providing them with an easy-to-use, sustainable platform for ongoing HSA plan administration.

Bend’s, tech-inspired HSA administrators designed an employer dashboard that gives you a quick view into your unique HSA program. Critical data is presented in a quick-to-review format and often eliminates the need to print hard copies of these reports.

With Bend HSA, you get at-a-glance access to data including:

  • Tax savings to date
  • Your employer contributions to date and planned
  • Your employees’ contributions to date and planned
  • Employees’ contribution growth and their savings growth
  • Many additional important data points


Enable employers and individuals to understand and manage all of their healthcare spending in one place. For employers, the dashboard described above lays out your entire HSA program.

For employees, The Bend Advisor allows employees to link their other spending accounts to their HSA. The Bend Advisor then searches for eligible expenses and advises on next steps and how to manage the HSA to gain maximum benefit.

The Bend HSA also offers a bigger, better electronic shoebox. Most HSAs have the ability to store receipts, bills and estimates of benefits. With traditional HSAs, however, that process is made complicated by cumbersome manual processes. Receipts have to be scanned and medical claims may or may not be captured automatically.

Bend changes all that. Our leading-edge technology automates and streamlines documentation capture. Once accounts are linked, the Bend HSA automatically captures all eligible expenses, including:

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • COBRA premium payments

Plus, it automatically tallies your reimbursed and unreimbursed expenses, so no expenses are left behind!


We recognize everyone’s unique situation and Bend advises actions to support individual needs. The Bend Advisor uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to educate itself regarding the employee’s health expenses and payment habits. After linking to other spending accounts, the Bend HSA helps employees find HSA-eligible expenses that may have been missed. It then provides useful information the employee can use to gain the greatest benefit from the HSA--whether the employee has funded the account or not. Our HSA also helps employees maximize the benefit of the account while working within the HSA account rules.

As you move toward open enrollment, consider vendors that can make your professional life easier. We will share all the benefits of a modern HSA program during a demo or conversation. Just complete an online request form—it’ll only take a minute of your time, and is your first step to better HSA administration for you and your employees.


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