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About Bend HSA, corporate hero.


The Bend Story

We started Bend to help businesses and individuals manage the rising cost of healthcare, and their overall long-term financial health. Our solution is designed with three key concepts in mind: Never miss a tax savings opportunity, maximize your dollars and make the administration and usability of an HSA easy. We leverage the latest technologies, including Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, to offer an entirely new and truly unique approach to engagement, funding, saving and payment.  The Bend HSA is a truly innovative HSA solution.

Our Purpose

At Bend, we’re driven to make a difference in how people manage their financial health. That’s why we relentlessly look for new ways to make HSAs better with innovative, intuitive and elegant solutions that simplify the user experience, organize information and guide participants on how to best use their HSA. By doing this, we help individuals and employers get – and stay – ahead of the curve.  That's HSA Innovation.

Our Vision

We make it easy for everyone to manage their long-term financial health. 


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