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3 Challenges Businesses Face With Their HSA Program – and How to Deal With Them

Ray Hill
Oct 2, 2019 9:00:00 AM

Many members of the Bend team are in communication with HR leaders and their team members while at trade shows, conducting continuing education training, and conducting demonstrations of our platform. When talking health savings accounts (HSAs) with prospective clients, some common frustrations emerge around challenges these prospects have had with the service provided by previous HSA administrators.

When Bend’s founding team designed the Bend HSA, it was their goal to disrupt the industry by creating an HSA administrator that uses technology to vastly improve service and make the experience better and more effective for our clients.

The feedback regarding challenges experienced by employers come under three service areas.


HR staff often complain that previous HSA providers have complicated implementation processes that result in mismanaged data, processing errors, numerous (and lengthy) conference calls and overall dissatisfaction with both the processes and results. Bend HSA has designed a process that, for many, can be conducted online on a self-serve basis, but for those who would like some guidance, the Bend implementation team is ready to help guide the process during one conference call that typically averages 30 minutes.

Cumbersome Technology

Many HR professionals have also reported poor experiences with vendor platform technology. Whether it was cumbersome to use, didn’t perform as promised or in general created challenges, technology was high on the list of complaints. Many HSA administrators buy off-the-shelf technology then try to make it work for their clients with additional development, often creating an administrative platform that does not deliver optimal performance.

Bend has created its platform from the start to be user-friendly, intuitive and educational. Our development team works continuously to add new features that make the implementation, service and ongoing use as simple as possible and effective. Much of the feedback from prospects and those who have moved to the Bend HSA platform describes how easy and intuitive it is to use. From a set-up of a company account that takes an average of less than 30 minutes, to the Bend platform uses artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation to provide information and guidance, the Bend HSA platform makes managing the HSA program easy for employers and employees.

Poor Service and Support

Service has proven to be a particularly sore point for many employers. The errors that have been experienced by them vary from poorly loaded data files to employees not receiving resolution on phone inquiries. Resolution of these challenges at time leads to additional issues. For example, some HSA administrators want to send employees a new flyer, hoping the information will guide employees to resolve their own problems.

Bend’s automated platform, combined with the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning, offers education via the Bend Advisor’s guidance to accountholders as well as on-demand answers via its conversational assistant whereby accountholders can ask specific questions regarding HSAs and obtain answers.

In addition to support for open enrollment educational materials for employees considering enrollment in an HSA-compatible health plan, Bend offers a high-level of service to both our employer clients and accountholders. Our approach is to be resolution-oriented and meet the needs of our customers on the first call, if at all possible.

While many HSA administrators have been content with the status quo regarding their service and support programs, Bend’s mission is to use the power of technology to be the leading HSA provider in terms of service. It is built into our technology, our approach and our DNA.

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