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Helping our accountholders and partners improve their financial wellness, while providing employers, brokers and financial institutions of all types and sizes a unique, leading-edge benefit offering—that's what we're all about at Bend. Our next generation HSA platform simplifies healthcare saving and offers personalized guidance that makes it easy for anyone to plan, track, save and pay for their healthcare expenses.

Make the most of your health savings account.

FDIC-insured, secure, simple-to-use HSAs

Make the most of your

health savings account

At Bend, we specialize in providing the industry’s best health savings accounts for individuals, employers and partners. We’re HSA experts, and we’re here to empower you to maximize HSA benefits while eliminating headaches.

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We make HSAs

easy for everyone

What sets us apart from our competition? Plenty. From our innovative use of AI, to our always-available Bend Advisor, see how the Bend Difference can help you reach your HSA goals.

The Bend Difference
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Why employers

choose Bend HSA

Simple, online HSA program setup in 30 minutes or less.

Automated, paperless HSA enrollment that’s easy for employees. Quick payroll integration. Greater tax savings. More motivated employees. Unparalleled support. With Bend, we eliminate the headaches commonly associated with managing an HSA program, while helping employers help their employees and boost their bottom line.

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What our clients say

“Pretty cool to see the changes in contribution amounts in real time on the dashboard”

From A Bend Accountholder

“I really like the platform and dashboard with all the information available”

From An Employer Using Bend


“These are some pretty badass features. I have seen and worked with several HSA Programs, and this is pretty cool! They went above and beyond with some of this stuff.”

From A Bend Accountholder

“I could tell in 2 minutes how much time using Bend would save me, the contribution process is very easy for me”

From An Employer Using Bend

“Awesome way to track reimbursements and expenses. Right now I just use a poorly built spreadsheet”

From A Bend Accountholder

HSAs for all

We make HSAs easy to use and understand for individuals, employers and partners.


With Bend, you don’t have to be a financial expert to maximize your HSA. Let the Bend Advisor teach you as you go.

  • Easy, hassle-free HSA account management
  • Convenient, responsive platform with one-click access to
    • Fund your account
    • Get reimbursed for eligible medical expenses
    • Track HSA expenses
    • Monitor tax savings
    • And more
  • Multiple investment options once your HSA balance reaches $1,000
  • FDIC-insured, secure health savings accounts
  • Debit cards included with every account
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Take advantage of the most innovative HSA program on the market without adding to your workload.

  • Stable, secure, HSA platform
  • Competitive pricing with no setup fees or hidden costs
  • Comprehensive program benefit dashboard, with instant access to
    • Tax savings to date
    • Upcoming tasks
    • Employer and employee contributions to date and planned
    • And more
  • Administrative automations, including employee enrollment and integration into payroll
  • Simple online setup and implementation, averaging a half hour from start to finish
  • Proactive HSA platform, designed to get employees involved and help deliver consistent and optimal financial savings to both you and your employees
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Help your clients leverage all an HSA program can offer.

  • Easy-to-sell, simplified employer plan administration
  • Superior user experience with improved financial outcomes for your clients
    • Competitive pricing
    • FDIC-insured security
    • Comprehensive support
  • Easy integration with other employer vendors, like enrollment systems, HRIS and payroll platforms
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