Other HSAs are mainly transactional accounts. Bend takes advantage of leading technologies, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, to engage individuals and guide them toward financial health.


Health savings account dashboard for partners in the Bend HSA software
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Plan Enrollment

HSA eligible health plan enrollment will grow by more than 25% by 2021

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HSA Accounts

HSA Accounts are expected to exceed 30 million by 2022

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HSA Industry

The HSA industry is estimated to generate $2.5 billion in revenue annually


Lighten employer workloads

Bend simplifies employer plan administration. We’re always looking for ways to automate processes and make things easier. With Bend’s integration into payroll, even frequent payroll updates are automated so your clients don’t have any additional workload to manage an HSA program.

Improve financial outcomes

Bend offers a superior user experience that engages individuals and helps them maximize their tax savings, spending and growth. Bend will increase employee engagement and satisfaction, along with increase tax savings for both employees and employers.

An HSA that's one of a kind

Bend is committed to helping you delight clients with products that increase satisfaction and provide a high return on investment.

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Make HSAs easy to use, understand & maximize tax benefit for individuals and employers

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Enable an individual to understand and manage all of their healthcare spending in one place

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Recognize everyone’s unique situation, advise and take action as necessary

Bend partner pricing

Bend's innovative HSA solution is priced competitively. For questions about partner pricing,
please contact sales.

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