Help your clients leverage the next generation HSA

Boost your bottom line with Bend HSA

Help your clients leverage the next generation HSA

With Bend HSA, you help your clients take advantage of all an HSA program can offer—without adding to their workload or causing headaches. We offer a simple-to-use, secure health savings account with a superior user experience and unmatched customer service and support.

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We make HSAs easy for everyone—and an easy sell

We’re not your ordinary partner. From our innovative use of AI and machine learning, to our always-available Bend Advisor, the Bend Difference can help you add value while helping your clients reach their HSA goals.

  • Lighten client workloads Lighten client workloads—Bend HSA is easy to sell. We offer a simplified and streamlined approach to employer plan administration across the board—including all the integrations your clients need—from enrollment systems and HRIS, to payroll platforms and more. And we’re always working on new ways to automate processes and make plan administration even easier.
  • Improve user experience and financial outcomesImprove user experience and financial outcomes—Everything behind the scenes of Bend HSA has been purposefully built to focus on superior user experience. And that user experience equates to very real, improved financial outcomes. Our easy-to-use platform engages employers and employees, and helps them maximize their tax savings, spending and growth.
  • Delight your clients from day 1Delight your clients from day 1—Unlike many HSAs, which are mainly transactional accounts, Bend HSA leverages cutting-edge AI and machine learning technologies to make managing HSAs easier for employees and employers. Couple that with our competitive pricing, FDIC-insured security and comprehensive support, and you’ve got the complete HSA package, guaranteed to exceed your clients’ expectations while providing a high return on investment.

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Let’s build an HSA program together. You’ll work smarter for your clients and be able to offer the unprecedented innovation only Bend HSA provides. Fill out this form to get started.

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Simplify. Organize. Advise.

Partner with us and harness a simple recipe for HSA success for you, your clients and their employees. We’re all in it together—let’s make the most of it.



Make HSAs easy to use and understand, and maximize tax benefits for employers and individuals



Help individuals understand and manage their healthcare spending in one place, and help employers manage their HSA program without added workload or burden



Recognize everyone’s unique situation and advise accordingly

Partner Pricing

Bend partner pricing

Our leading-edge HSA solution is competitively priced with no hidden fees or surprise charges—ever. Just simple and transparent pricing designed to be a win-win for you and your clients.

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Don’t sleep on HSAs


Plan Enrollment

—HSA-eligible health plan enrollment will grow more than 25% by 2021



HSA Accounts

—HSA accounts are on pace to exceed 36 million by 2023



HSA Industry

—The HSA industry is estimated to generate $2.5 billion in revenue annually

Source: Devenir. (2021, March 3). 2020 Year-End HSA Research Report.