HSAs for Individuals

Relax, we've got your back

Two individuals celebrating their health savings accounts.

Getting control over healthcare costs can feel overwhelming. But Bend makes it easy so you can spend more time living and less time worrying. What’s more, the smartest, most advanced HSA on the market has no monthly fees for individuals and families. No gimmicks, surprises or hidden fees. Learn more about our pricing

Why open an HSA?

An HSA can help boost your bottom line. For starters, it offers a triple tax advantage.

You also don’t have to fund the account immediately if you can’t or don’t want to. We’ll help you find the right time and right expenses that can help you discover the appropriate time for you to fund your HSA.

Easy, hassle free

With Bend, you don’t have to be a financial expert to get started on your path to financial health. Your Bend HSA comes equipped with the Bend Advisor – a unique tool that takes advantage of leading technologies including artificial intelligence to help you track and manage your account. 

The Bend Advisor does much of the work for you. It pulls in data from your other accounts — like checking, credit cards, payroll and health plans— and guides and makes recommendations for you every step of the way so you can feel confident that you’re growing and spending your savings wisely.

With Bend and the Bend Advisor, no expenses are left behind and you no longer need to worry about remembering what you paid for, with what account, and if those expenses were eligible or not.  You can also choose to pay for expenses outside the HSA and bank expenses to be reimbursed from the HSA in the future. Our system will find your eligible expenses for you, and leave no expenses behind, helping you maximize your HSA.


We meet you where you are. Our powerful platform and responsive design offers anytime, anywhere access to your accounts. With one click you can: 

  • Fund your account
  • Get reimbursed for eligible medical expenses
  • Track HSA expenses
  • Pay with Samsung pay and Apple pay


Invest in your future

The Bend HSA also helps you grow your financial health.

  • Once your HSA balance reaches $1,000, any money beyond that point can be invested.
  • Your HSA balance can be invested in mutual funds, just like a 401(k).
  • Invest or change funds as often as you’d like. There are no trade fees or minimum investments.
  • You can view our competitive list of funds available.
  • Money you earn from these investments is tax-free.

Combined, these benefits leave you with more money to save for the future or pay for expenses.A Bend HSA with its Bend Advisor will help you invest more money and potentially let you leave funds invested longer, potentially growing your HSA funds. With the ability to track more expenses through linked accounts, the Bend HSA lets you store them in our better, expanded “electronic shoebox.” This allows you to choose to pay out of pocket and reimburse yourself later. With a Bend HSA, no expense is left behind.


No monthly account fee for individuals and families

There are no monthly fees that apply to the individual accountholder. Click here to review accountholder pricing.

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