Hassle and headache-free HSA administration for employers

Easy-to-use, FDIC-insured HSAs for employees

Hassle and headache-free HSA administration for employers

With Bend HSA, you can offer your employees a safe, secure, leading-edge health savings account—without adding to your workload or burdening your team. The result? More motivated employees, greater tax savings and much, much more.


Take advantage of the Bend Difference.

Implementing your employer HSA program with Bend HSA is simple, completely online, takes on average only 30 minutes and saves you money and time, right from the start. And from there, we take the hassle and headaches out of HSA administration through thoughtful program design, easy-to-use features and industry-leading automations.

  • At-a-glance dashboard–Bend HSA’s intuitive dashboard gives you a quick view into all your critical program details, from employee and employer contributions, to tax savings and much more.
  • Easy payroll integration–Even frequent payroll updates are automated so you don’t have any additional workload to manage.
  • A proactive platform to empower your employees–Most HSAs are passive. But not Bend HSA. We engage your employees with timely reminders and resources to help them grow their HSA savings and become HSA experts. Because the more employees who make HSA contributions, the lower your payroll taxes and the greater your FICA tax savings.

Build an HSA program that works for every employee.

When you partner with Bend, we help you help your employees. They get the smartest, most advanced HSA on the market for free—no monthly fees, hidden costs or strings attached. And you benefit from greater tax savings and Bend HSA’s simplified administration and unparalleled support. 

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