Permission to Exhale

With the Bend HSA, you can offer employees a great HSA — without adding to your workload or burdening your admin. The result? More motivated employees and greater savings for you and your teams.

Bend Employer Dashboard

Program benefits at a glance

Our Dashboard gives you a quick view into your program, so you can easily and quickly see your upcoming tasks, your employer contributions to date and planned, your employees contributions to date and planned, your tax savings to date, how much your employees contributions have grown, their savings growth, among other important things.

Simplifying your day

Bend helps reduce the headache of managing an HSA program through automation. And with our integration into payroll, even frequent payroll updates are automated so you don’t have any additional workload to manage.

Helping you help your employees

Bend leverages AI and machine learning to support and engage users at a deeper level by recognizing patterns and suggesting optimizations.

Employer portal of the Bend HSA management system


Leading the way to financial health

And because Bend makes it easy for employees to identify eligible expenses and increase their pre-tax payroll contributions as they go, it leads to a growth in employee contributions. The more employees make an HSA contribution, the lower your payroll taxes and the greater your FICA tax savings.

Bend HSA pricing for employers

Bend is offering a great pricing option for employers who sign up early. You can lock in a low rate of just $2.50 per employee per month by signing up now. For questions about pricing or for custom pricing quotes, please contact sales. If you're ready to go now, click "sign up now" below.

There are no monthly fees that apply to the individual account holder. Click here to review account holder pricing.

Would you like to talk to sales?  Request a demo, or learn more about our innovative HSA?  Click here to send your request in.

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