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An Easier Way – Employer HSA Program Implementation in 30 Minutes

Joe Ingrando
Nov 20, 2019 7:30:00 AM

Benefit implementations of any kind, large or small, can be a struggle. But as an employer in today’s competitive job market, you know offering the right benefits is a critical element for differentiating your business and recruiting and retaining top talent.

Figuring out what types of adjustments you need to make to your employee benefits package is most often a pretty straightforward process. You can identify what’s missing and where program gaps exist. Where it gets tricky is how to actually update and implement the benefit changes you identify. Because even the best employee benefits program can fall flat if it’s not implemented correctly.

So, when it comes to adding new benefit offerings—like health savings accounts—into your company’s mix, how do you make sure your implementation is a success, without piling loads and loads of work on your or your staff’s already full plates?

The key is doing your homework upfront and finding the right partners who offer the products and services that can make your life easier, not more complicated. And when it comes to HSA program implementation, Bend is that partner.

Saving Time and Eliminating Headaches

It’s beyond cliché but equally as true—time is money. Especially when it comes to your business. You can’t afford to waste your or your employees’ time on burdensome benefit implementations, regardless of how good they might be for your company and your employees. You need to find a partner who can save you time, eliminate headaches before they even have a chance to happen and deliver the benefit offering you and your employees need.

If you’re in the market for your first—or a new—HSA program, look no further than Bend. Because everything about Bend and Bend HSA has been thoughtfully designed with ease of use and ultimate functionality in mind—for you, for your employees, for everyone.

Bend offers reduced costs and world-class data control and management, resulting in less staff time and resources required to administer your HSA plan. But even before that, Bend has your back by offering a simple, streamlined HSA implementation process that’s easy for all involved—and best of all—takes on average only 30 minutes or less.

To be able to offer your employees a leading-edge HSA that can get them on their path to better financial wellness, all in under an hour of your company’s time, is nothing short of remarkable. But it’s not too good to be true. Rather, it’s the product of Bend’s years of experience and expertise combined with thoughtful planning and leveraging the latest technologies, like AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning to automate and streamline otherwise manual processes.

Bend HSA – Leveraging the Power of the Digital Age

When you think of benefit implementations, your mind may immediately jump to a less-than-happy image of stacks and stacks of paper forms and other hardcopy documents for both you and your employees. For some benefit providers, the world of paper forms is still a reality. But not for Bend.

Most often, traditional paper implementation and enrollment forms were born out of necessity. Even just a few years ago, many companies avoided using online benefit implementation and enrollment systems due to their overwhelming cost, complexity and security concerns.

But online benefit implementation, enrollment and management systems—including HSA systems like Bend HSA—have quickly evolved. And today, the combination of a tech-savvy workforce and competitive system pricing has opened the door for companies of any size or scope to be able to effectively integrate a paperless implementation and enrollment system into their workflow and budget.

The numbers don’t lie. Nearly 75% of companies in the U.S. now utilize online-based benefits enrollment systems. So why not leverage the power of the digital age and all of the efficiencies it brings?

When it comes to an HSA program, there’s no reason not to. Implementing your employer HSA program with Bend HSA saves you money and saves you time, right from the start.

Implementation of Bend HSA is simple, completely online and again, takes on average only 30 minutes from start to finish.

And on the employee side, enrollment is equally as simple and completely online, eliminating any need to chase paper forms. With Bend HSA, employee enrollment isn’t just electronic—it’s automated. All you need to do is upload your employee information into the Bend HSA system. From there, we automatically send your employees emails to enroll.

With Bend HSA’s unique automation process, we’re able to monitor your employees’ enrollments and provide customized messaging to nudge your employees along through the process, utilizing positive reinforcement and easy-to-follow instructions. Along with saving you time, money and headaches, your HR team gets a huge assist with an otherwise burdensome administration process. That means no more HR staff time manually uploading information, chasing paper forms, printing more paper forms and other materials, dealing with physical enrollment packets and more. And by reducing the chance of errors and omissions commonly found on paper forms, Bend’s digital enrollment process frees up your HR staff’s time while providing them with an easy-to-use, sustainable platform for ongoing HSA plan administration.

Still not sold on just how simple it is to implement a new employer HSA program with Bend HSA? Check out the employer implementation checklist that provides a line-by-line rundown of what implementation entails.

Bend’s HSA Employer Implementation Checklist

When you make the choice to partner with Bend and offer your employees a Bend HSA, you’re able hit the ground running with Bend’s electronic implementation process designed to make managing your employer HSA program simple and streamlined. Bend’s 1 page Employer Implementation Checklist ensures you have everything you need to get started and make implementation a quick and easy success. Nothing is left to chance when it comes to working with Bend. 

Seriously—it’s that easy. Simply follow the implementation checklist, and you’ll be on your way to boosting your company’s bottom line while empowering your employees to achieve better financial health—all in under an hour.

Say Yes to a Streamlined HSA Program Solution

With the workforce constantly evolving and shifting from one generation to the next, technology continues to play an increasingly important role in acquiring and maintaining quality workforce talent. Adoption of a technology-based platform like Bend HSA will only serve to further benefit employers who are willing to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to their company’s operations.

Apps, social media, online interaction and support—these are all familiar tools and modes of communication for today’s employees, regardless of age. So, bringing these capabilities to the forefront of your benefit offerings through a Bend HSA program will only help to engage them in the process.

Are you ready to say yes to innovation and to implementing a leading-edge employer HSA program by partnering with Bend? Contact us today to request a demo and to learn more about all our top-ranked Bend HSA platform has to offer. Simply fill out our simple online request form—it’ll only take a minute of your time, and is your first step to taking advantage of industry-leading HSA implementation, enrollment and administration for you and your employees.

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