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California Association of Realtors Partners with Bend to Offer HSAs to Members

Bend, Dec 3, 2020 10:00:00 AM

Partnership highlights Bend’s continued growth and C.A.R.’s commitment to connect their members to leading-edge products and services

BOSTON, Mass., Dec. 3, 2020-Bend Financial (Bend), an industry-leading health savings account (HSA) provider, today announced that they have been chosen by the California Association of Realtors (C.A.R.) to provide health savings accounts to all C.A.R. members who select HSA-eligible high-deductible health plans (HDHPs). Through this exclusive endorsement, C.A.R. members will have access to Bend’s next-generation HSA platform as part of their member benefits package.

“What we offer goes beyond a standard health savings account and provides a vehicle for improved financial wellness, and that’s exactly what C.A.R. wanted for their members and why this partnership is such a great match,” explained Tom Torre, CEO of Bend. “At Bend, we’re all about proactively helping our accountholders maximize their HSAs, while providing our partners with a unique, industry-leading benefit offering that sets them apart. We know how important HSAs can be to those working in the real estate industry, and we’re excited to help C.A.R. members take advantage of our user-friendly platform that simplifies HSAs.”

The Bend HSA leverages advanced technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to help accountholders optimize tax benefits and healthcare spending through their HSA and also comes equipped with a unique tool that recognizes patterns and suggests optimizations customized to each accountholder in real time. For busy real estate professionals, Bend’s resources will help them maximize their HSA benefits without losing focus on their business or their bottom line.

“We selected Bend because they’re innovative and committed to helping our members learn about HSAs and guiding them in maximizing the product’s benefits, while also helping them build financial wellness,” said 2021 C.A.R. President Dave Walsh, vice president and manager of the Compass San Jose office. “As independent contractors who typically don’t have access to healthcare and financial offerings through an employer plan, our members can now better manage their healthcare expenses through Bend’s unique offering.”

Pairing an HSA with an HDHP is widely recognized as being an extremely effective, affordable and tax-advantaged way for individuals and families to save and pay for expenses while taking a more active role in their healthcare. HSA participants enjoy a triple tax advantage, flexibility of use, account portability, rollovers, investment opportunities and more. HSA-eligible plan enrollment is on track to grow more than 25% in the next year, and individual HSAs are on pace to exceed 30 million accounts by 2022.


About Bend Financial

Bend Financial helps accountholders and partners improve their financial wellness through a next-generation health savings account (HSA) platform and complementary financial solutions, while providing employers, brokers and financial institutions of all types and sizes unique, leading-edge benefit offerings. Headquartered in Boston, Bend’s forward-thinking, user-friendly approach simplifies health care saving and offers real-time, personalized guidance that makes it easy for anyone to maximize their HSA. For more information, visit, read Bend’s blog and follow Bend on Twitter and LinkedIn.



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About Bend Financial

Bend Financial is a Boston-based technology and services company that provides health savings account and financial wellness solutions to individuals, employers and organizations in the group benefits distribution market. Its innovative approach and product offerings simplify the use of HSAs while making the product attractive to all types of healthcare consumers.

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