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Bend Financial Launches HSA for Individuals

Bob Warde, Jul 16, 2019 4:00:00 PM

Boston, Mass. – July 16, 2019 -- Bend Financial (Bend), a company leveraging technology to drive long-term financial health, today announced it has launched the industry’s first health savings account (HSA) for individuals that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. The Bend HSA guides accountholders and does not have monthly account maintenance fees.

The Bend individual HSA is appropriate for all individuals who are looking for an HSA to pair with their high-deductible health plans and is also helpful to those working independently or in the gig economy. Those entrepreneurs don’t have an HR department to help them, so they must perform those tasks themselves. “Those employed by companies can turn to HR staff for assistance, where those who are self-employed don’t have that option,” said Itamar Romanini, chief revenue officer at Bend Financial.

“Bend HSA and its AI does the work for individual entrepreneurs and gig workers as their priority is running their businesses. There is no fumbling with expenses and research on what is a qualified expense since the Bend HSA works like Expensify in tracking those HSA-eligible expenses. This eases the burden on individuals to learn the HSA,” he added.

The Bend HSA comes equipped with the Bend Advisor – a unique tool that takes advantage of leading technologies including artificial intelligence to help track and manage the account. The Bend Advisor pulls in data from accountholders’ other accounts – like checking, credit cards and health plan – and guides them every step of the way toward maximizing the benefits of the HSA. For example, once the accountholder links other spending accounts, the Bend Advisor identifies qualified HSA expenses the accountholder may have missed.

“Now, the smartest, most advanced HSA on the market has no set-up or monthly fees for individuals and families,” said Romanini. “By offering a tool for people to really dive deep into HSAs, their capabilities and benefits, we believe we can better serve that person and set them up for health savings success.”

Accountholders will also have access to the expanded Bend Advisor, which answers questions, provides helpful resources, and promotes the various uses and benefits of the HSA. What’s more, accounts don’t need to be pre-funded if the accountholder doesn’t want to or can’t.  The Bend HSA account can be opened now, and the Bend Advisor will do the work for the accountholder.

To learn more about the Bend HSA, please visit

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Bend Financial is a Boston-based technology and services company that provides health savings account and financial wellness solutions to individuals, employers and organizations in the group benefits distribution market. Its innovative approach and product offerings simplify the use of HSAs while making the product attractive to all types of healthcare consumers.

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