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What Is An HDHP?

An HDHP is a high-deductible health plan—which is a health insurance plan option that features a higher deductible than its traditional health plan counterparts, but in turn provides significant advantages, including lower insurance premiums and most often, the ability to save money and take control of your healthcare expenses through pairing an HDHP with a health savings account, commonly known as an HSA. Learn more about how an HDHP makes healthcare more affordable and your money work smarter for you.


What is an HSA?

An HSA is a health savings account—which is exactly as it sounds, a special account used to save and pay for healthcare expenses. Learn more about what sets an HSA apart from other benefit accounts like an FSA or HRA, and how an HSA makes healthcare more affordable and your money work smarter for you.


The Bend Difference

Not all HSAs are the same. The Bend HSA comes powered with AI to help guide you along your journey to financial wellness.


HSA Accountholder: The Non-Funder

Over 40% of employees offered an HSA through their employer don't open one! Let the Bend Advisor show you how, even if you don't think you have extra money to fund the account, it's still worth it to open the HSA.


HSA Accountholder: Spender

Many health savings account users fall into the spender category...people who spend more than they save each year. The Bend HSA, powered by the Bend Advisor, can help an HSA spender get all the benefits of an HSA while still covering their medical costs.


HSA Accountholder: Saver

The Bend HSA uses artificial intelligence to work for all types of people, including an HSA Saver. The Bend Advisor can even help you move from a non-funder, to spender, to saver to investor. Learn how the Bend HSA works for everyone at


HSA Accountholder: Investor

An HSA can be a useful tool for long-term financial health. The Bend HSA helps you maximize the HSA tax benefits while also investing your HSA funds.


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