We know healthcare costs keep growing, we are consumers of healthcare too.  We know employers want to offer great benefits packages, we are employers too. We know everyone is looking for innovative technology to improve their life, we are users of technology too.

Bend is the culmination of our founders’ experiences using technology to help businesses and individuals manage the rising cost of healthcare. Our solution is designed with two key concepts in mind; never miss a tax savings opportunity and make the administration and usability of an HSA easy.

The founders of Bend have been leaders of applying technology to help individuals manage their rising cost of healthcare. With the financial burden of healthcare shifting to the individual, tools and resources are needed to help people manage and afford this increasing financial responsibility and navigate the complexities of medical billing and healthcare costs.

meet the team


Tom Torre

Co-founder, CEO

For nearly 20 years, Tom has led organizations in the consumer-directed healthcare space. He describes himself as a fintech and healthtech entrepreneur who, at his core, is a payments nerd, water toy lover, and dog person. Tom lives in the greater Portland, Maine area with his spouse, two daughters, and two dogs.

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Gary Rush

Co-founder, CTO

Gary has been an executive team member of several innovative success stories, including Angie’s List and Exact Target (now Salesforce Marketing Cloud). Gary can take a four-hour brainstorming session and sum up the results in two easy-to-understand sentences, then draw up a quick process flow to back it up. In his free time, you’ll find Gary on his farm in western Indiana.


Itamar Romanini 

Chief Revenue Officer

Itamar has over 18 years of experience in the HSA market, building and growing HSA products, technology, strategy, sales and marketing.  He is a widely recognized expert in the consumer-directed healthcare industry.  Itamar likes spending time with family and friends, traveling, and enjoys running and cycling.


Gregg Santabarbara

Co-founder, SVP, Finance and Operations

Gregg started his career in public accounting but has been an executive in the consumer-directed healthcare space for the past five years. Gregg enjoys his unofficial title of SVP of All Else, which includes leading new business initiatives and ensuring our organization runs smoothly. Outside of Bend, Gregg’s primary passions are his Brittany spaniel and anything to do with golf.


Kerry Leonard

Co-founder, VP of Product

For the past 15 years, Kerry has built and delivered the best in consumer-directed healthcare products. She loves learning and deploying the leading practices in consumer behaviorism to improve healthcare delivery and improve consumer engagement. When she’s not at Bend, Kerry could be anywhere, from hiking a mountain to traveling the farthest ends of the earth.


Brian Giunta

VP of Strategic Partnerships

Brian has been a leader in innovative startups for over 20 years, most recently with those focused on building out best-in- class consumer directed healthcare solutions. Brian enjoys being part of a team focused on achieving a common goal, building mutually beneficial partnerships and executing a plan to make it all work. He stays busy outside Bend keeping up with his family and its newest addition, a puppy named Taco.

Giulia Campanella

Creative Director

Hailing from Rome, Giulia has spent the past 10 years as a multidisciplinary designer. Her work has taken her around the world, from San Francisco to Stockholm, across various industry segments. Outside of Bend, Giulia loves studying languages and collecting rare books.  


Matt Shafer

Director of Engineering

Matt manages the development team. He has over a decade of experience in developing large scale e-commerce web applications in the finance, fashion, green energy, and travel industries. He can be found around the office talking about agile, cloud computing and why C# is the best programming language on the planet. Matt lives outside Boston with his wife, two kids and a rambunctious whippet named Addicus.


Bruce Lindsay

Principal Software Developer

Bruce is the architecture mastermind and scrum master for Bend’s engineering team. He’s an e-commerce veteran with decades of experience working on large-scale e-comm applications in many industries, including compression, charitable giving, fashion and travel. He’s a true programming enthusiast who spends much of his work and free time learning about or writing code. When away from work, Bruce enjoys cooking, exploring outdoors, and Boston’s North Shore beaches.


Chris LaVoie

Senior Software Developer

In addition to his software engineering duties, Chris heads up our North Carolina office. He came to us at Bend as a veteran of the e-commerce world, where he worked in the fashion, fantasy sports, and gaming industries. Chris has been known to combine expert timekeeping with a rare mix of early 2000s post-grunge pop to keep meetings on track. He’s an animal lover and has rescued multiple cats and a retired racing greyhound named Tony.


Sree Talakokkula

Senior Software Developer

Sree comes to Bend after spending over a decade in the fashion industry, where he started as software development intern and worked his way up to senior software developer. He’s a jack of all trades who feels equally comfortable in the front end, back end, database or maintaining infrastructure. Sree is much loved by coworkers and is always willing to help out or share his knowledge with his teammates. He lives outside Boston with his wife and two kids.


The Bend Family Dogs


Many of our team members are dog lovers. Check out some of our four-legged friends.

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