Maybe you use your health savings account to get the tax benefit as you pay for healthcare expenses. Or perhaps you use your HSA to save and invest for future healthcare expenses. Heck, maybe you’ve never used an HSA before because it seems too complicated or you don’t have the money to set aside. Whoever you are or whatever your experience with health savings accounts, Bend offers a better way to manage your healthcare expenses. We also help employers simplify their experience of offering an HSA and reducing the associated workload, while motivating employees to take actions that result in savings for both the employee and employer.


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The Bend HSA was conceptualized, designed and built to make HSAs easy for everyone to use. Whether you have an HSA account and want an easier-to-use solution, or you’re an employer seeking to simplify your benefits administration and save money, or you’re a broker looking for an innovative solution for your customers, the Bend HSA has what you need for better experiences.

Bend Financial provides tools that help improve the financial wellness of individuals through a re-envisioned HSA. Employers like us because we help them offer their employees a great HSA, without the extra workload for their benefits administrator. The result: more motivated employees and greater savings for companies and their teams.

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Bend was built from the bottom up to provide an outstanding consumer experience, and to have our technology do as much for you as you’ll let it.

While a great benefit, HSAs can be difficult to use and even harder to understand. Not anymore. Bend’s intuitive solutions are consistent with what you’ve come to expect from the best consumer solutions across all industries. We simplify HSAs and make them easy to understand.

The key benefit of an HSA is tax savings. Bend gives you choices when paying for healthcare expenses while ensuring you never miss an eligible tax benefit. We also help you more effectively contribute, grow, and use tax-free funds for medical expenses.

By improving your healthcare financial wellness, Bend will become an essential component of your overall financial management.

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A great benefits package is essential to attract and retain talent.

As more employers offer HSA-eligible high-deductible health plans and more employees enroll, the HSA becomes an increasingly important part of an individual’s financial management and financial wellness.

Bend offers a differentiated product from the typical HSA — one that makes the product easier to use for both employees and administrators.

Bend’s HSA can increase employee adoption and contributions while reducing the burden on plan administrators. What does this mean for you? Less time managing an HSA, increased employee satisfaction, and a better bottom line for you and more money in your employee’s pockets.

We’ve administered HSA’s before, so we know what pain points must be addressed in order to create a great solution for all users.

Schedule a demo with Bend today so we can show you what a revolutionary HSA experience looks like.

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You want to offer your clients benefits that are both reliable and varied.

Our HSA is a unique and intuitive experience for both your client and their employees. Offer them a benefit that they will see quantifiable results from.

Bend’s leadership team has decades of experience delivering the highest quality of service, so you can trust that your clients will have a great experience working with us.

Partner with Bend today and continue to show your clients why they’re working with someone who is finding products that increase satisfaction and provide a high return on investment.

Schedule a demo with Bend today so we can show you the HSA your clients really want.

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As employers continue to migrate toward HSA-eligible high-deductible health plans, they’re looking for ways to assimilate their employees to a plan design that is new to them and they might not fully understand.

Keep employers satisfied with the plans they’re purchasing by offering the best complementary product to those plans. Switching to a high-deductible plan is a change in mindset of the cost of healthcare for members new to the plan.

Traditional HSA’s can be difficult to understand and are too often underutilized, leaving members unsatisfied with their health plan.

By partnering with Bend, you’ll provide your members with an HSA purposely designed to be easily understood — one that ensures members are maximizing the HSA’s tax benefits, and allows them to customize the use of their HSA based on their current needs.

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