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Take control of your healthcare with an HDHP + HSA combination.

Don’t let the term “high-deductible health plan” (otherwise known as an HDHP) scare you. Enrolling in an HDHP and utilizing a health savings account (HSA) can actually help you keep more of your hard-earned money and lower your overall healthcare costs.

HDHPs offer considerable premium savings compared to traditional insurance plans. That savings adds up quickly, and can even be contributed to your HSA tax-free for even more savings. More often than not, you come out ahead with an HDHP and HSA versus a traditional insurance plan once you factor in premium savings and the other benefits you receive from pairing your HDHP with an HSA.

And with a Bend HSA, you don’t have to be an insurance or financial expert to maximize your health savings account. In fact, you can get started on your path to better financial health without any HSA knowledge at all. All you need is to have an HSA-eligible HDHP.

When you choose to make the most of your HDHP by partnering with Bend for your health savings account, you get all the HSA benefits—with none of the hassle. We’re proud to be endorsed by the California Association of Realtors, and we’ll go above and beyond to make sure your HSA works for you.

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Why Open a Bend HSA

Why open a Bend HSA?

As a real estate professional, we know you have a lot on your plate. We also know finding affordable health insurance coverage can be a challenge. While an HDHP can provide premium savings, the higher deductible amount alone can be daunting. But it doesn’t have to be when you take advantage of a Bend HSA.

If you have an HSA-eligible HDHP, you’re missing out if you don’t have a health savings account. Plain and simple, an HSA helps you save on taxes, take control of your healthcare costs and boost your bottom line.

Here’s a quick look at some of the “whys” to open a Bend HSA:

  • Triple tax savings–Your contributions are 100% tax deductible, your funds can be used tax-free for any qualified medical expenses and any interest or other HSA growth is tax deferred
  • Portability–Your HSA remains with you no matter what, regardless of job changes, health insurance plan changes or even retirement
  • Rollovers–Your HSA funds roll over indefinitely year after year with no penalties or charges—you’ll never be faced with a “use it or lose it” scenario
  • Qualified medical expenses–You might be surprised when you see all the “qualified medical expenses” you can pay for using your HSA funds—everything from office visits and surgical costs, to dental expenses, mental health services, vision care, prescription and nonprescription drugs and much more
  • Multiple contributors–HSA contributions don’t just have to come from you—family members, friends, an employer or really just about anyone else can also contribute to your HSA
  • Investment opportunities–An industry-leading HSA platform like Bend HSA provides the ability to invest your contributions similar to a 401(k), helping you save more for retirement
Learn More HSA Basics and Benefits

Bend HSA–the best HSA for real estate professionals

With a Bend HSA, you get the smartest, most advanced HSA on the market for free—no monthly fees, hidden costs or strings attached. We’re the right choice for real estate professionals and officially endorsed by C.A.R.

No strings with a Bend HSA
  • Next generation HSA with no hidden costs or commitments
  • Easy, hassle-free HSA account management
  • Convenient, responsive platform with one-click access to
    • Fund your account and control HSA contributions
    • Get reimbursed for HSA eligible expenses
    • Track HSA expenses
    • Monitor tax savings
    • Find resources on HSA benefits
    • And more
  • Multiple investment options once your HSA balance reaches $1,000
  • FDIC-insured, secure health savings accounts
  • Debit cards included with every account
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The Bend Difference

You know the real estate market. We know the HSA market.

That’s why each Bend HSA comes equipped with the Bend Advisor—a unique tool that takes advantage of leading technologies, including AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning, to help you track and manage your account. The Bend Advisor does the work for you, pulling in data from your other accounts—like checking, credit cards and health plans—and guides and makes recommendations for you every step of the way so you can feel confident that you’re growing and spending your savings wisely.

With the Bend Advisor, no expenses are left behind and you don’t need to worry about remembering what you paid for, with what account and if those expenses were eligible or not. You maximize your HSA and learn as you go—and before you know it, you will be an HSA expert. Let the Bend HSA be your health savings plan for medical expenses now and into the future.

Discover the Bend Difference

Easy, convenient HSA management

From contributions and payments, to comprehensive account dashboards, your Bend HSA provides you on-the-fly access and all the tools you need to make the most of your HSA—without the headaches.

The Bend Dashboard
  • Contributions—Easily fund your HSA online with recurring or one-time contributions, link your bank accounts with the click of a button and more.
  • Payments—Use your Bend HSA debit card or any number of personal payment options for HSA-eligible medical expenses—at the doctor, dentist, pharmacy, optometrist and more.
  • Eligible medical expenses—Link your accounts to your Bend HSA and let the Bend Advisor track your eligible expenses for you. Add receipts to your online shoebox for easy recordkeeping. Get reimbursed immediately or save expenses for future reimbursement. With a Bend HSA, you never miss out on an eligible expense.
  • Account dashboards—With a Bend HSA, we’ve got your back. The Bend Advisor watches over your contributions, categorizes your expenses and makes sure you get maximum tax benefits. And you have on-demand access to all your main account information in one user-friendly dashboard.

Invest in your future.

Your Bend HSA is a powerful tool in more ways than one—and it’s much more than a 12-month account. On top of all the tax advantages and other benefits a health savings account provides, with a Bend HSA, you can also invest your HSA balance in mutual funds, just like a 401(k), and the money you earn from those investments is tax-free. With no fees or minimum investments required, and with the ability to invest and change funds as often as you’d like, it couldn’t be easier to make your HSA dollars work smarter and grow for your future.


We’re honored to be CAR’s preferred HSA provider.

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