Seize your HSA market opportunity with Bend’s white label solution

Health savings accounts continue to grow rapidly, providing sizeable growth opportunities for financial institutions that offer HSAs to their customers.

  • HSA Eligible GrowthHSA-eligible health plan enrollment will grow more than 25% by 2022
  • HSA AccountsHSA accounts have topped 30 million, and are on pace to exceed 36 million by 2022
  • Cash and Investment AssetsHSAs hold nearly $82 billion in cash and investment assets, with assets consistently growing 20% year over year
  • $2.5 Billion in RevenueThe HSA industry is estimated to generate $2.5 billion in revenue annually

Source: Devenir. (2021, March 3). 2020 Year-End HSA Research Report.

The numbers don’t lie—HSAs are no flash in the pan. And the HSA market is still in the growth phase. Now is the time to refocus your HSA strategy and unlock unlimited potential with a customized white label HSA solution from Bend.


Case Study

Elements Financial finds success with Bend

Elements Financial wasn’t looking for an ordinary HSA platform from an ordinary HSA provider. They wanted a proactive, easy-to-use, robust HSA platform from a partner committed to working together to help all their members maximize their HSAs.

Upon connecting with Bend, things just clicked.

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Streamlined HSA

A streamlined solution to a real market need

At Bend, we know supporting an HSA product in-house can be difficult and costly, with core deposit platforms and other systems not designed to effectively manage HSA programs and market demands. And we also know that competition in the HSA market is ever-growing.

We’re here to break down the barriers to your HSA success and give you an edge over your competition.

Because when it comes to harnessing the potential of the HSA market, you need to partner with the best. With a turnkey white label solution from Bend, you can offer your customers our powerful, next generation HSA platform—complete with your own branding—and without adding stress or overloading your own resources.

By partnering with Bend, you get phenomenal revenue and growth opportunities, with none of the headaches associated with administering your own HSA product.


Unlock your true HSA potential

The time is now to refocus your HSA strategy, and Bend’s white label solution is your key to HSA success.

Provide your customers a seamless HSA experience while growing your footprint, opening the door for more cross-selling opportunities and achieving greater wallet share.


Not your ordinary HSA

We’re not your ordinary partner—and a Bend HSA is no ordinary health savings account.

Our innovative use of AI and machine learning, complete with our always-available Bend Advisor, creates an active and engaging platform that simplifies healthcare saving and offers personalized guidance that makes it easy for anyone to plan, track, save and pay for their healthcare expenses. And on the backend, employers and administrators enjoy hassle and headache-free HSA program administration with feature-rich dashboards and time-saving automations.


Bottom line—we offer a proactive, easy-to-use HSA platform, not a passive, transactional account.

The Bend Difference helps you provide a better user experience, increase HSA deposits, deepen your customer relationships and stay on the leading-edge without employing a team of in-house developers—all while helping your customers reach their HSA goals.


Innovation designed to grow your footprint and wallet share

Our white label offering is customized to meet your unique needs and set up to display your distinct brand, providing a seamless, easy-to-use experience for all involved. Because at Bend, everything we’ve built has been thoughtfully designed to make HSAs easy for everyone.

Our flexible, personalized white label solution:

  • Leverages your own branding
  • Pairs your sales and marketing with our support
  • Provides a unified customer experience through single sign-on and advanced APIs
  • Integrates with your core banking systems
  • Deposits on your balance sheets
  • Offers a variety of investment platform options
  • Provides flexibility with accountholder servicing—handled by you or us
  • Encourages account engagement and increases customer loyalty and satisfaction
  • Gives you and your customers access to Bend’s leading-edge, next generation HSA platform