Bend Team

Artist impression of the Bend HSA team


Tom Torre, Co-founder, CEO

For nearly 20 years, Tom has led organizations in the consumer-directed healthcare space. He describes himself as a fintech and healthtech entrepreneur who, at his core, is a payments nerd, water toy lover and dog person. Tom lives in the greater Portland, Maine area with his spouse, two daughters and two dogs.

Itamar Romanini, Chief Revenue Officer

Itamar has over 18 years of experience in the HSA market, building and growing HSA products, technology, strategy, sales and marketing. He is a widely recognized expert in the consumer-directed healthcare industry. Itamar likes spending time with family and friends, traveling, running and cycling.

Gary Rush, Co-founder, CTO

Gary has been an executive team member of several innovative success stories, including Angie’s List and Exact Target (now Salesforce Marketing Cloud). Gary can take a four-hour brainstorming session and sum up the results in two easy-to-understand sentences, then draw up a quick process flow to back it up. In his free time, you’ll find Gary on his farm in western Indiana.

Gregg Santabarbara, Co-founder, SVP Finance and Operations

Gregg started his career in public accounting but has been an executive in the consumer-directed healthcare space for the past five years. Gregg enjoys his unofficial title of SVP of All Else, which includes leading new business initiatives and ensuring our organization runs smoothly. Outside of Bend, Gregg’s primary passions are his Brittany spaniel and anything to do with golf.

Kerry Leonard, Co-founder, VP of Product

For the past 15 years, Kerry has built and delivered the best in consumer-directed healthcare products. She loves learning and deploying the leading practices in consumer behaviorism to improve healthcare delivery and improve consumer engagement. When she’s not at Bend, Kerry could be anywhere, from hiking a mountain to traveling the farthest ends of the earth.

Brian Giunta, VP of Strategic Partnerships

Brian has been a leader in innovative startups for over 20 years, most recently with those focused on building out best-in-class consumer-directed healthcare solutions. Brian enjoys being part of a team focused on achieving a common goal, building mutually beneficial partnerships and executing a plan to make it all work. He stays busy outside Bend keeping up with his family and its newest addition, a puppy named Taco.

Steve Messer, VP of Sales

Steve has been associated with worksite benefits as a benefits broker, sales representative, and sales manager for over 25 years. His passion for employee benefits is to help employers remove the mystery in their employee benefits package and ensure they realize the greatest ROI possible for their healthcare dollars. Steve has worked with companies of all sizes and industries nationwide throughout his career. Steve lives with his wife, two boys and their German Shepherd in the Dallas, Texas suburb of Flower Mound. Steve’s family enjoys fishing, BBQ, Pickup trucks, and country music!

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